Best Ways to Renovate Small Terraces for the Summer

The reforms of small terraces in summer allow us to renew the exterior areas of the house. The good weather is approaching and it is now when we can enjoy our balconies and terraces. Therefore, we bring you the best tips to renovate your terrace with ease.

Cover a small terrace at home

One of the first options that we consider when carrying out reform on the terrace is the possibility of installing a cover. Currently, there are many possibilities, but in most cases, we opt for aluminum or PVC covers with glass.

According to Stouffville renovations experts,  If you are thinking of covering one of the terraces of your house, contact companies specialized in this type of work.

It is important that the structure adapts to the space and that it also adapts to the type of terrace you need.


Renew the floor of a small terrace

The reform of the floor of a terrace is also one of the reforms that we carry out the most in these cases.

Traditionally, terraces have included unsightly outdoor floors, since the terraces were spaces for passage intended for specific tasks, however, now the terraces are places of leisure that we enjoy during the hot months.

A fashionable option is a hydraulic tile, this type of surface is very resistant, colorful, and available in countless designs. Hydraulic tile is also very easy to clean and does not deteriorate over time.


Installations: insulation, pipes, and light

The insulation of a terrace is essential, even on small terraces with a good drainage system. The best solution is to opt for a layer of asphalt cloth, which allows you to completely isolate the lower part, avoiding leaks.

This fabric must have a drainage system, which prevents rain from stagnating on the surface.

Regarding home lights, you can install several points in different spaces on the terrace, both on the wall and on external supports, which fully illuminate the surface.  On small terraces, you can add decorative outdoor lighting.



One of the basic aspects of a terrace in height is the railing. On small terraces, you can opt for a light element that does not take up useful space.

It is important to remember that to carry out these changes, you must ask the community for permission, you may have to request a permit because it is a change in the facade of the building.


What permissions are necessary for the reforms of small terraces?

Not all terrace renovations require a building permit, but most do require it. The reason is that any change in one of the building’s facades must be notified, therefore, if we change the structure of the terrace, or if we vary the visible elements, we must request a permit.

Applying for a permit makes it possible to guarantee that the reform is suitable for the conditions of the terrace.

These types of permits are requested from the local Administration, therefore it is the City Council itself that evaluates the reform and issues the work permit.


Reform of small terraces in the garden

This type of reform is usually easier, because it is not necessary to locate a scaffold, and the drainage and insulation systems are usually simpler.

If you have a terrace at ground level and you want to reform it, you have many possibilities. One of the simplest ideas is based on covering the terrace, to incorporate it into the surface of the house.

You can also renew the floor, so that there is a continuity between the interior of the house and the terrace itself, or you can install a barbecue work to enjoy the summer on your terrace.


How much does it cost to reform a small terrace?

The price of a terrace reform depends on the square meters to be reformed, and the type of reform that we are going to carry out.

The type of reform also influences when establishing a budget, a reform in which we are only going to paint walls and walls to renew the appearance of a terrace will be very different, compared to a reform that includes the installation of asphalt cloth and the output of new points of light.

Plants are also essential, as outdoor areas offer all the light a plant needs to grow during the spring and summer months.

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