Computer Accessories Price in Bangladesh

Computer Accessories Price in Bangladesh

In today’s digital age, computers are indispensable tools for both work and leisure. Whether you’re a professional, a student, or a gaming enthusiast, having the right computer accessories enhances productivity and performance. This guide explores the diverse range of computer accessories available in Bangladesh, highlighting their importance, popular brands, and pricing trends.

Importance of Computer Accessories

Computer Accessories Price in Bangladesh, Computer accessories are peripheral devices that complement the functionality of computers. They include items like keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, webcams, external storage drives, and more. Each accessory serves a specific purpose, contributing to a seamless computing experience. For instance, ergonomic keyboards and mice improve comfort during long hours of use, while high-resolution monitors enhance visual clarity for designers and gamers alike.

Popular Computer Accessories and Their Functions

  1. Keyboards and Mice: These input devices are essential for navigating and interacting with computers. Keyboards come in various types such as mechanical, membrane, and ergonomic, catering to different user preferences. Mice, on the other hand, offer precision control and are available in wired and wireless options.
  2. Monitors: Monitors display visual output from computers and vary in size, resolution, and panel type (e.g., IPS, TN, OLED). Gamers often prefer monitors with high refresh rates and low response times for smooth gameplay, while professionals prioritize color accuracy and multitasking capabilities.
  3. Printers and Scanners: These devices are crucial for printing documents and scanning physical copies into digital formats. Inkjet and laser printers are popular choices, each offering distinct advantages in terms of print quality, speed, and cost efficiency.
  4. Storage Devices: External hard drives and USB flash drives provide additional storage space for data backup and file transfer. SSDs (Solid State Drives) are increasingly favored for their faster read/write speeds compared to traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives).
  5. Webcams: With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, webcams have become essential for video conferencing and online communication. HD webcams deliver clear visuals and smooth video streaming.

Pricing Trends in Bangladesh

Computer Accessories Price in Bangladesh The pricing of computer accessories in Bangladesh can vary based on several factors:

  • Brand: Established brands like Logitech, Dell, HP, and ASUS often command higher prices due to their reputation for quality and reliability.
  • Specifications: Accessories with advanced features such as mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting or gaming monitors with high refresh rates generally cost more than basic models.
  • Market Demand: Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand dynamics. Seasonal promotions and discounts during festive seasons can influence pricing significantly.
  • Availability: Products imported directly or sourced locally may differ in pricing due to import duties, taxes, and shipping costs.

Best Places to Buy Computer Accessories in Bangladesh

  1.  Best Computer Hub

    Best Computer Hub is a well-known retailer in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of gaming PC accessories. From gaming keyboards and mice to high-performance graphics cards and monitors, Best Computer Hub has everything you need to build your dream gaming setup. They offer competitive prices and reliable customer service, making them a popular choice among gamers.

  2. Online Marketplaces: Platforms such as Daraz, AjkerDeal, and Pickaboo provide convenience with doorstep delivery and customer reviews to guide purchasing decisions. Online shopping also offers access to a broader selection of products and exclusive deals.
  3. Local Electronics Markets: Places like IDB Bhaban in Dhaka and Elephant Road in Gulshan are renowned for their diverse selection of computer accessories, often at negotiable prices.


In conclusion, understanding the landscape of computer accessories in Bangladesh involves recognizing the importance of these peripherals, identifying popular products, and navigating pricing trends across different markets. Whether you’re upgrading your home office setup, enhancing your gaming rig, or equipping a professional workspace, informed decision-making ensures optimal performance and value for money. By exploring reputable retailers and staying informed about product specifications and pricing dynamics, consumers in Bangladesh can make confident choices when investing in computer accessories.

This guide aims to empower readers with essential knowledge to navigate the diverse and evolving market of computer accessories in Bangladesh, ensuring that every purchase meets their specific needs and preferences.

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