How Essay helps to Change the way you think


When someone thinks about an essay a very easy-to-write document comes to mind. While it is not true. Although it could become easy for those who have experience and knowledge about how it could be done. Otherwise, it is also as hard as other assignments. That too with plenty of benefits. One of its benefits is that it changes the ways of thinking and enhances the critical thinking abilities of the student. So, let’s find out how writing an essay can help your thinking abilities.

How Essay Writing Changes Your Way of Thinking:

Creativity is a factor that differentiates between an average thinker and a better thinker. As it is a natural thing. But it can be developed and enhanced by practicing it. And doing the practices that enhance it. Like writing something that needs a new aspect or any new point of view.

So, that is why writing an essay on a new topic in which the teacher is asking for some creative explanation. Or anything related to the imagination changes the way of thinking of the student. And then he thinks with a new mindset.

Writing Down the Information:

When you are writing an essay you have to make sure that everything that you are writing is easily understandable. And the point you are trying to explain is written. So, that everybody can easily understand what you are trying to say.

When a student is writing the information as per the thinking and understanding of the reader. Then he will write accordingly. And he might change his thinking to know whether he is conveying the information correctly or not.

Different Opinions and Facts:

Another factor that changes or helps the writer to think the other way. Or to explore the other side of the topic. Because people have different opinions on certain things.  And that is why if you are a student and writing an essay then you should think on both sides of the topic. And that too with proper neutrality. Because If you write more on one side than the other then it would simply be an essay in which you express your opinion. And it will no longer be a piece of information that gives the chance to differentiate different things.


While making any decisions the students have to keep in mind what would be the impact of their decisions. And why are making this decision? Because The decision that the writer made in the essay will affect the thinking of students. And that is why it’s a crucial thing. So, when the writer is making any decisions he should think that if he has powerful evidence and proof to show that everything that you are saying is right. Otherwise, your credibility and the authenticity of the written content will be questioned. So, for that, you can also get essay writing Dubai help or assistance.

Problem Solving Skills:

If the teacher gives a topic where you have to solve a problem, then you might have to think of the solution. And how you want it to be conveyed and implemented. When a student has to provide the solution then there are plenty of things which he should keep in mind. Like how, when, and where. So, this will change the thinking approach of the student. And will help a lot in changing their thinking or expanding their thinking abilities.

Making Arguments:

While writing an essay you have to make an argument and defend it.  So, you need good argument skills. And writing essays for that reason would certainly improve their argumentative skills. And this will eventually change the way of thinking. How you convey a certain thing. So, that is why essay writing is one of the crucial things in the mental growth and enhancement of students. By giving assignments to the students where they have to put creativity, solve problems, give suggestions, Decision making, and where the student has to think differently. So, this will surely improve their thinking, and also give a boost to their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


Writing an Essay changes, thinking in many forms. If f you are writing an essay, the first thing that will be on your mind is the reader. And you will write about their thinking. Writing and keeping in mind the different opinions and facts also changes my thinking. Decision-making and problem-solving also change the way of thinking of the writer of that essay. If you are writing an argumentative essay, then you have to prove your point with evidence and this also changes the way how a student thinks.

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