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The third and last part of DVloper’s renowned Granny series has been released, just when you thought the nightmarish experience was finally ended. The third installment in the Granny series brings together three of DVloper’s most recognizable nemeses: Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina. The narrative kicks off with a condensed introduction that depicts the protagonist trying to access the grounds of the estate but getting shot by Grandpa. The players have five days to find all of the keys and make their way out of the mansion. In a nutshell, players start the game with five extra lives available to them. Every time the player is eliminated or captured, the game starts over at the beginning of the following day.

The auditory and visual presentation of Granny has been significantly enhanced, among other changes. Even while it retains the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessors, the revamped graphics and revised music are more than sufficient to terrify the player into submission. Additionally, compared to its predecessors, this game features increased difficulty. It offers new frightening monsters, secrets, and surprises, all of which have the potential to cause you bad dreams.

Playing this game therefore has the potential to be quite terrifying. If you are one of the new players who is having a difficult time fleeing the confines of the house, then you may want to check out the list of hints and secrets that we have provided below.

The Secrets Tucked Away In Granny 3

Along the lines of its two forerunners, Granny 3 features a creepy gameplay mode that conceals a number of cool hidden surprises. A few of these little-known facts are useful, while the others are purely for aesthetic reasons. We were successful in gathering a number of the one-of-a-kind particulars and components that are hidden away in Granny 3, which are known as in-game secrets.

Granny 3 Gameplay



Before you begin playing Granny 3, you will receive a list of helpful hints as a going-away present from the game’s developers. It is said in one of the suggestions that “Teddy is Pretty Important.” The name “Teddy” alludes to a stuffed animal that has been hidden in the mansion. Those of you who are just getting started with the Granny series should be aware that all of the objects and keys are generated at random. This implies that the positioning of items and keys throughout the game is determined by a random generator, making each playthrough unique from the one that came before. Given all of this information, Teddy is the only one who can defeat Slendrina.

After you’ve found Teddy, you’ll have to take the dumbwaiter that’s in the kitchen in order to get to the room on the top floor. As soon as you enter the room, you need to hunt for the crib and put the teddy bear inside of it. When you do this, Slendrina will emerge, and then she will disappear after a while. After Slendrina has vanished, she will leave behind either an object or a key, and then the sentence “Slendrina is now Gone” will appear.

In Granny 3, one of the many achievements you can earn is getting rid of Slendrina. There are a lot of them. In addition to this, it does not imply that she is the only monstrosity in the area. Since you have no way of knowing what lies concealed behind the curtains, it is in your best interest to read on for additional suggestions and secrets.


The presence of the moat is one of the factors that contribute to the fact that you are unable to leave the mansion. If one were to observe the situation from a third-person vantage point, they would notice that the moat is shallow enough to walk across, rendering the appearance of a massive drawbridge superfluous. However, the terrifying thing about the moat is not the water that is contained within it but rather the beast that lives on top of it. You are free to jump into the moat, but you should leave quickly if you do not want to attract the attention of the beast that lives there.

Granny 3 PC Game

sourcce: Snow Rider 3D

In addition to that, the moat is able to retrieve anything that is lost in its waters. When you throw any of the objects or weapons you are carrying into the moat, they will reappear not more than a few meters away. Knowing about this occurrence or glitch is very great to say regardless of how little use it is, despite the fact that it is.


In Granny 3, players have access to two different types of weapons. The first one is a shotgun that belonged to Grandpa, and the second one is a slingshot. The shotgun belonged to Grandpa, and getting your hands on it was the tougher of the two challenges. On the other side, the Slingshot is kept in a secure location on a weapon cabinet that requires a key to access it. The good news is that a coconut contains the key in its interior. You got that right! You have to find the coconut before you can use the slingshot; else, you won’t be able to use it. When you have found the object, you should head outdoors and use the guillotine to cut the coconut in order to access the key that is hidden inside.

If you have a slingshot, acquiring Grandpa’s shotgun won’t be nearly as difficult of a task as it otherwise would be. All that is required of you is to use your slingshot to temporarily incapacitate Grandpa while he is in possession of the weapon. If you hit the bad guy, Grandpa’s shotgun will fall out of his grasp and you’ll be able to take it. It’s the equivalent of taking candy away from a young child, or in this case, a very mischievous elderly person.

Start Your Journey By Playing It on PC

Downloading and playing Granny 3 on your personal computer is the next step for you to take now that you are aware of some of the game’s fundamentally important secrets. Proceed onward to the Games section.Visit the lol Games page to participate in some of the most exciting PC gaming available. Experience the most fluid gameplay possible, which is only available through our Games.a launcher for lols!

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