How Do I Change My Linksys Extender Password?

Password is a term that is given to a set of characters that unlocks an individual’s access to a particular thing. The term has a major role to play in the networking realm. Every networking device comes with a password that if used correctly provides access to the WiFi network or admin settings. In this post, we will focus on the Linksys extender password and the process to customize it.

Why Should You Change Linksys Extender Password?

This is to inform you that every Linksys extender arrives with the default password that is used to log in to the device’s settings. The default password is found in the product’s user manual. For example, if you are using RE6300 range extender, its default admin password can be easily found in the Linksys RE6300 manual. In addition, the default password value of the extender’s particular model can be surfed on the web.

With that said it becomes quite easy for an unauthorized user to log in to your extender and manipulate the home network settings as per his wish. Therefore, you must change the default password of the range extender as soon as possible. Moving on, let’s shed light on the instructions to change the default admin password of the Linksys extender.

How to Change Linksys Extender Password?

1) Log in to Your Extender

After connecting your WiFi range extender to the router, you are supposed to switch on your computer and connect it to the network named: Linksys extender setup-xxx. Use the correct WiFi password to join the network. Once done, you need to open a web browser. Any browser like Chrome or Safari can be put to use.

The moment your web browser becomes ready for use, take the mouse cursor to the address bar. Now, type the Linksys extender’s default address (web or IP) and press the Enter key. You will soon see the extender’s login portal. Enter the administrative password of the extender into the given space and click Login. You will get logged in to your WiFi range extender.

2) Access Administration Settings

On the dashboard or the Status page of your range extender, locate the Administration settings. Once found, click it and select Management. A new window will appear on which you will be able to see the settings of your Linksys extender. Under the Extender Access section, type the preferred value of the admin password into the Extender Password field.

Once done, enter the same password into the Re-enter to Confirm field to verify the assigned value of the password. You can create a combination of letters, digits, and special characters. Lastly, click the Save button to bring changes into effect. You will get logged out of your range extender. Try to log in to it again using the changed password. However, make sure to erase the browser’s cache before starting the process.

The process to change the administration password of the range extender ends here. Although you can go about the process easily, just in case, you don’t, consider referring to the upcoming section to know what can be done to get the problem resolved.

Can’t Change Linksys Extender Admin Password?

1) Use Valid Characters

At times, users fail to change the password of their Linksys extender because of using too many special characters. This is to bring to your notice that some range extenders do not allow this practice. Therefore, try to be a little flexible while setting the password for your range extender. Do not use characters like % as the device will start considering the password as a programming code. Apart from this, make sure that the password assigned by you is long enough.

2) Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

The process to change the default admin password after the Linksys range extender setup can also fail if there is a weak or no internet connection. Therefore, we advise you to have a good look at the Ethernet cable connecting your range extender and the main router. Just in case it is found intact, everything is perfect. Otherwise, get the cable changed and use a new one. Apart from this, make sure that the cable is connected properly to your WiFi devices. Otherwise, the internet issues will keep troubling you.

The Concluding Thought

That’s all about why and how to change the Linksys extender administration password. We hope that you will be able to get the process completed easily. However, if you still fail after following the correct steps and troubleshooting hacks, you must restart the range extender by powering it down and up again.

Once done, try to install the latest version of the web browser on the computer. This time, you’ll surely be able to change the router’s password. Now, you need to use the new admin password to manage and tweak other settings of your range extender. If you want to further increase the security of the extender, change the WiFi password too.

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