How to download Rufus for Windows 8 or later?

Nowadays, many computer manufacturers don’t incorporate an optical media (disk) reader on laptops or PCs. So, if you want to perform a clean installation of Windows 8 or to overhaul your computer problems, you must have in your hands a Windows 8 USB bootable disk.

In this tutorial, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to create a bootable Windows 8 with Rufus. If you download Rufus for Windows 8, you can easily create a Windows bootable USB. Then, try to download this awesome app on your device! 

This tutorial provides a complete guide that turned around the Rufus utility and its bootable features. When you need to create USB installation media from a Windows 8 ISO file or work with a non-OS computer, download Rufus for Windows 8. In this tutorial, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to download Rufus on your Windows 8 and how to create bootable USB drives with this app. Read ahead! 

What is Rufus and why is this app essential?

Rufus is a completely free and open-source portable app that allows you to format and create bootable USB drives. In a small size for Microsoft Windows, it provides experienced purchases with almost everything they need, including two of the most famed benefits. If you download Rufus for Windows 8, one is to run the low-level format on a USB flash drive or memory stick, and the other is to create USB installation media from bootable ISO files of Windows and other operations systems

Unlike the Microsoft solution, this app is not only bound to creating or formatting a USB installation media, but it also completes the process fastest. You can easily create or format a USB drive for Windows 8 and even the latest versions like Windows 11 22H2, and 21H2 with this app. Also, it can create a bootable USB that bypasses security and memory requirements. 

Creating a bootable USB drive is a better option which is helpful in some situations where your operating system goes wrong and you need to reinstall it. Due to its workability and compatibility, a bootable USB drive is also very essential and smart. So, find the best ways to create or format bootable USB drives or Live USBs using ISO files!

A brief explanation for Rufus bootable USB

The Rufus bootable USB feature is used to create or format bootable USB drives so you can get a clean installation for the Windows operating system on a non-bootable computer that requires repairing or modifying to a newer operating system like Windows 8 or later versions.

The standard procedure of creating a Windows USB drive with this powerful Rufus needs an empty clean USB flash drive of 8GB bigger, and a downloaded ISO file of Windows 8 or Windows 10/11. Briefly, the USB drive’s volume is at the minimum equal to or larger than the ISO file. 

Exiting a normal USB to bootable will completely remove data if there is any, so surely you’ve moved the data to another drive to keep it safe if the USB flash drive is a used one. So, let’s see how to download Rufus for Windows 8 now. 

Follow this procedure to download Rufus for Windows 8

Step Guide 

  1. Firstly, get Rufus Windows 8 latest version download. If you not going to install this app, download the portable version
  2. Next, plug into the USB drive, and in the top-down menu you can see the “Select” icon if you see the drive and click it
  3. Go to the browse window, select it, and click the ‘Open’ button
  4. Click the ‘Tick’ button next to the “Boot Selection” 
  5.  Select “MBR” from the Drop-Down Partition Scheme and “BIOS or UEFI”, from the Target Device-down menu
  6. Now use the “Volume label” field to modify the USB drive name 
  7. Even, surely the “Quick Format” checkbox is chosen under Advanced Format Options
  8. Now go to the ‘Start’ option
  9. Now Rufus can confirm that you download more files, depending on the ISO file 
  10. Select the “Write in ISO image mode” option and tap on the “Ok” button in the next feed. An alert format can also be found Click “OK”
  11. This app starts creating the bootable USB drive after you click on the button. After a few minutes to finish the procedure depending on your USB drive
  12. After outright the progress bar, the notification is not finished, but a completion sound is heard and the progress bar turns entirely green

So, here is the complete guide to download Rufus, and still if you’ve any questions about this process, inform us via the comment section.

How to create a bootable Windows 8 USB flash drive?

  1. Firstly, download Rufus for Windows 8 to your PC
  2. Remove all USB storage drives from your computer and plug an empty 4 GB or upper USB stick into an empty USB port
  3. Now double-click and run the Rufus application
  4. After Rufus starts, select the empty USB stick that you connect to your PC
  5. At the “Create a bootable disk using” option, select “ISO Image”
  6. After, press the “Create a bootable disk using”  icon
  7. Select the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 ISO file from your computer and select “Open”
  8. Then, press the “Start” button
  9. Carefully read the “Warning” notification and press the “Ok” button
  10. When the Rufus operation is completed, close the app, unplug the USB stick, and use it to troubleshoot Windows 8 or to perform a clean OS installation
  11. That’s enough

Review of the article 

So, if you want a clear installation for Windows 8, simply download Rufus for Windows 8! It is the greatest open-source software utility to create or format bootable USB flash drives. It is compatible with multiple languages, performs multiple tasks, and is compatible with both GPT and UEFI systems. These are completely free features and anyone can easily get these features without any doubt. 

And if you want to know more info about this app, please follow our official website. I hope this guide helps you to get a wide idea about Rufus Windows 8 download for free. So, try this app and share your opinions with us through the comment section! 

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