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Migrate WooCommerce To Shopify

In the bustling world of online businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), making things simpler is always a win. If you’re a UAE-based online store owner, shifting from migrate WooCommerce to Shopify can be a game-changer.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily move your online store from migrate WooCommerce to Shopify. Plus, we’ll introduce you to Epixels, a cool team from the UAE that can help you through the whole process.

Getting the Big Picture

Switching from WooCommerce to Shopify isn’t just a change, it’s a smart move, especially in UAE. Epixels knows this well. They’ve got a way to help you out that fits UAE’s style. They make sure your new Shopify store works with different currencies, has local payment options, and looks great on any device.

Step-by-Step Moving Guide

1. Get Ready

Before anything else, let’s get prepared:

  • Talk to Epixels: Chat with the friendly folks at Epixels. They’ll want to know what you’re hoping for with this move.
  • Keep Your Stuff Safe: Epixels will help make sure your stuff is safe. They’ll make backups of your WooCommerce store, which is like making a copy of everything – products, who bought them, and how much they cost.

2. Start Your Shopify Home

Epixels makes starting easy:

  • Get a Shopify Account: They’ll help you set up an account on Shopify. It’s like getting a new online home.
  • Choose Your Look: With Epixels’ help, pick a design for your store that shows off what you’re selling. And it’ll work great on phones too!

3. Bring Over Your Things

Epixels takes care of your things:

  • Move Your Stuff: Epixels’ experts move your products from your migrate WooCommerce to Shopify place to your new Shopify home. They make sure everything goes to the right spot – pictures, prices, and all.
  • Your Friends Are Here: If you had customers before, don’t worry. Epixels helps bring them along to your new place.

4. Set Things Up

Epixels gets everything ready:

  • Paying Made Easy: They set up how people pay you. If you’re in UAE, they make sure people can pay you the way they like.
  • Sending Stuff: If you’re selling things that need to be sent, like t-shirts or toys, Epixels helps you set up how to send them to people all over UAE.

5. Make It Look Nice

Epixels adds some flair:

  • Your Special Place: Epixels helps make your store look like your own special place. They’ll add your colors, logo, and all the little things that make it yours.

6. Try It Out

Epixels checks everything:

  • Testing, Testing: Before your new place is open to everyone, Epixels makes sure everything works just right. They look at your stuff, how people pay, and everything else to be sure it’s smooth.

7. Move Your Address

Epixels helps you get settled:

  • Your Web Address: They move your web address so when people type in your store’s name, they find your new place on Shopify. No lost customers!

8. Keep the Chat Going

Epixels sticks around:

  • Spread the News: Epixels helps you tell your UAE friends about your new store. They can help you make posts online and let everyone know you’ve moved.
  • Helping Out: If anyone has questions about the switch, Epixels helps you answer them. They want to make sure everyone is happy.

Using UAE Shopping Tricks

Epixels knows how UAE likes to shop:

  • Phones First: UAE folks love using their phones to shop. Epixels makes sure your store works great on phones.
  • Local Love: They make sure your store feels like home for UAE shoppers. That means using local money and ways of paying.
  • Just for You: Epixels uses Shopify’s tools to migrate woocommerce to Shopify make shopping special for each person. They want UAE customers to find what they love.


If you’re thinking of migrate WooCommerce to Shopify, Epixels is like having a friend to help. They make everything simple and smooth, so you can focus on making your online store awesome. With Epixels, your online store in UAE will shine on Shopify.

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