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It is well knowledge that video game creator King is responsible for producing games of high quality that are also highly addicting to play. Just look at how successful the Candy Crush series has been. You may play it right now, and it will quickly become one of the most addicting games you’ve ever played. It is played by millions of individuals all around the world, and many of those people even become addicted to the game as a result of playing it. With the casual game Diamond Diaries Saga, King has demonstrated once more that it can deliver.

It’s a fun and easy game where the objective is to move the diamond to the bottom of the board as quickly as possible. In order for it to complete the level, it must get to the necklace that is located at the very bottom. It will be necessary to remove the charms that are preventing the diamond from falling to the bottom of the container. In order to remove them, you will need to connect at least three charms of the same hue to one another. It is necessary for the charms to be in close proximity to one another in order to link them all together.


Diamond Diaries Saga Game
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In addition, just like the majority of the other puzzle games that King published, the number of moves you may make in this one is capped. This indicates that you need to act quickly in order to ensure that the diamond makes it all the way down to the necklace before you run out of moves. The actual execution of this gameplay is straightforward, but it quickly gets difficult, particularly as you progress through the higher levels. This post on the blog will serve as a guide to Diamond Diaries Saga, giving you advice on how to do effectively in the game and assist you in achieving your goals.

Decide on What Path to Take Before Linking

It is not difficult to make connections between charms of the same color if they are arranged in clusters; this, ideally, will clear a way. Despite this, it’s possible that this will only work on a few levels, particularly the earlier ones. However, in order to get the diamond down after you reach the higher levels, you will need to have a suitable plan or method. One option available to you is to examine the map and then make a choice regarding the way you want to proceed.

If you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you’ll notice that there are many alternative avenues open to you that you may pursue. You have the ability to choose which of these routes will most likely result in the diamond falling more quickly. One piece of advice is to look for many charms of the same hue that are clustered together and organized in descending order. Because of this, it is extremely vital to make a decision about the best course to go so that you do not waste any of your restricted moves. Or, even worse, you can try the level again.

Pay Attention to the Goals to Complete The Level

Another piece of advice that we can offer is to ensure that you are paying attention to the objective of the game you are playing. On certain levels, you will be tasked with completing a variety of objectives. The most typical objective is to get the diamond to the necklace before it falls off the screen. On the other hand, there are other stages in which the objective is to remove the diamond from within the Russian nesting dolls. While there are additional levels that require you to bring down more than one diamond on the board, the majority of the levels require you to knock down just one.

In the end, paying attention to the goal will enable you to effectively plan how you will go about achieving it, which is one of the most important steps. This will further ensure that none of your moves are wasted on pointless acts by preventing you from using them.

Use Special Charms Wisely

In Diamond Diaries Saga, you have the option, similar to that of many other puzzle games, to obtain power enhancements. When you connect six or more charms of the same hue to one another, a unique charm will materialize. This unique charm has the potential to clear a significant area of the board, so enabling you to bring the diamond into play in a more timely manner. Therefore, you need to make intelligent use of these particular charms because you do not want to throw them away unnecessarily on an ineffective action.

Diamond Diaries Saga Play
Diamond Diaries Saga Special Charms

When you utilize them, you should make sure that they will clear a large route so that the diamond will fall more quickly. You are making the most of the advantages that these unique charms bring to the game in this way.

Try Switching Locations

The fact that you may play in a number of different settings is one of the many fantastic things about Diamond Diaries Saga. You have the option of playing your game in New York City, in addition to Paris and London. To gain access to these areas, all that is required is for you to play the game like you normally would and proceed through its levels. It is important that you remember to swap locations once you are able to do so because doing so will allow you to take advantage of special power boosts that are only available at certain locations.

In addition, if you are stuck in a certain place, you always have the option to attempt switching to a different one first. Because of this, you will be able to keep playing the game without having to focus solely on completing levels in order to go on. Simply play the levels on that particular level while checking out the boosters that are offered. Who knows, maybe playing in a different location will help you find out what to do in the location in which you are having trouble. If nothing else, it won’t hurt to try.

Using the Bird Charms Properly

In addition to special charms that carry power-ups, there are also interactive charms like bottles, bird emblems, and Russian nesting dolls. The bird emblem will be the most exciting interactive charm since, if you don’t use it correctly, it has the potential to make your life more difficult. Once the bird charm is activated, a bird will fly out and activate additional charms in the area. It has the power to activate unique charms, clear obstructions, and even unlock Russian nesting dolls.

The order in which the puzzle pieces are arranged will determine the kind of action that it will carry out. Activating extraordinary charms is at the top of its list of capabilities. This indicates that the bird will make a beeline for any power-ups that are present on the board. The elimination of any impediment that is currently present on the board comes in second, followed by the elimination of a Russian nesting doll as the final priority. In the event that none of the required elements are present on the board, the bird will merely eliminate a charm at random.

You need to make sure that you make intelligent use of the bird charm. It is not a good idea to utilize the bird charm just yet if there is already a power-up charm on the board that you are attempting to keep for later use. It is not in your best interest for your power-up to become active too soon, before you get a chance to use it.

There are a lot more strategies available that can assist you in becoming a better player of Diamond Diaries Saga. However, the ones that are discussed in this blog post will already be of great assistance to you.

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