The Best Electronic Locks for Home: Features, Benefits, and Recommendations

Crime rates are going up and in the fight for home security, quick action is vital. The best way to do is by installing the best electronic locks for your home. They are convenient, offer improved security, and also a keyless entry. Forget locking yourself out or waiting for your family member to drop off a key. 

Read on and discover more features and benefits of these locks. We have also included a list of top electronic locks for you.

Best Electronic Locks for Your Home: Key Features

  • Tamper Resistant Designs

In case you live in a theft-prone area, you will be wary of people picking your lock. The electronic lock design is highly effective at preventing physical attacks. The durable material and reinforced structure make it hard to drill or pick the lock.

  • Keyless Entry

If you are prone to forgetting keys, electronic locks are perfect. You don’t have to hide spare keys under the rug or worry about making spare keys. With a smart lock, you can control the door without a physical key. Some have an electronic keypad where you can enter codes for access to the house.

  • Battery Life

Most electronic locks have an inbuilt battery. Choose a lock that starts blinking when on low battery as this will enable continued function.

  • Remote Connectivity

The electronic lock allows you to control your front door even when you are in a different location. Since the locks use Wi-Fi, you can unlock or lock the door from anywhere. While lying in bed, you can check whether you have locked the doors without getting up. You can also unlock the door for visitors or your pet sitter while out of the house.

Benefits of Electronic Locks for Home

  • Convenience

Imagine a situation, not having to deal with your keys getting lost. Imagine not having to fret over your keys getting misplaced. Imagine not being frustrated by having to shuffle through a set of keys on your keychain to find the right one. With a set of codes, you can access your home easily. Some keys have incredible features that allow you to open the door remotely for your pet sitter or visitors.

  • Improved Security

Remember when you had to hide a spare key under the rug or in the flower pot? A thief can easily access it. You can monitor anyone who comes through your front door with an electronic lock. You don’t have to worry about the spare key which you left behind with your neighbor while you were away.

  • Easy Installation

If you have been thinking of installing an electronic lock system, you will be pleased to know how easy it is to install. The lock comes with clear instructions and the required mounting hardware, making it fun for a DIY project. It is also compatible with various door types, ensuring wide accessibility. Stop worrying if you are not into DIY projects. You can get professional help to install the lock. 

  • Easy to Customise

Electronic locks allow you to assign unique codes to those gaining access to your home. You can even specify when the code works if you have a cleaner or a sitter coming in. The good thing is that you can change the access codes anytime you want.

  • Modern Aesthetic

Due to advanced sleek and modern designs, the electronic locks add a touch of sophistication to your home entrance. They are a modern aesthetic, all the while providing security for your home. Homes with electronic locks will value more if your house goes on sale.

  • Integration with Other Smart Security Systems

Electronic locks seamlessly work together with your smart home systems such as alarms, doorbells and security cameras. 


Considering the features and benefits of electronic locks, here are some 3 hot recommendations for you. When it comes to the electronic door lock price, they are the most price-friendly electronic doors in the market.

  1. Spacetek Pro Digital Door Lock 

This is a cutting-edge digital electronic door lock equipped with 3 in 1 access. Here are its over-the-top outstanding features;

  • 360-degree fingerprint identification
  • Digital keypad
  • Mechanical key
  • Auto-locking
  • Privacy function
  • Passage mode
  • Adjustable spy code
  • Low battery indication

2. Catus Touch Plus Digital Lock

If you want to upgrade your home security, choose this door lock with 4 in 1 access. Here are its outstanding features:

  • 360-degree fingerprint recognition
  • RFID card
  • Pin code
  • Mechanical key
  • Privacy function
  • Anti prank alarms
  • Adjustable spy code
  • Low battery indication

3. Advantis-Revolution Digital Lock

Are you looking for an electronic lock to protect your valuables while out of the house? This advanced door lock is for you. Below are some of its incredible features:

  • 360-degree fingerprint registration
  • Enhanced access mode, allowing robust password Registration
  • RFID card 
  • Mechanical key
  • Auto-locking
  • Privacy function that means when the safety button is on, no one can access the door from outside
  • Adjustable spy code
  • Low battery indication

Home security concerns are on the rise nowadays. It would help if you had a reliable and convenient solution. Electronic locks provide you with peace of mind and control over home security whether you are home or on vacation. By considering these features and benefits, Godrej offers cutting-edge solutions custom-made to fit your needs. Visit the website today and choose from different high-tech electronic locks today.

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