The Most Highly Regarded Of The Noida Schools

Noida has grown from a small town adjoining Delhi to one of the most prominent urban centers in North India. From being a mere industrial township, it has grown to be a sprawling city that is an international IT hub as well as the headquarters of the major national media networks and channels. It is not surprising that the population of Noida has grown with its expansion, even as the infrastructure has kept up pace. As a matter of fact, Noida is one of the most well-planned cities in the country today with truly state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. That includes its many world-class schools.

Any parent wanting to obtain nursery admission 2023 Noida, will be able to do so in the slew of world-class schools the city boasts. Let us look at the most highly regarded of the Noida schools in this article.

List of The Most Highly Regarded Of The Noida Schools

1. Global Indian International School Noida

Global Indian International School is one of the best known K to 12 schools in to the educational needs of its children seeking world-class holistic education. Its infrastructure is as good as the best in the world with its sprawling campus providing ideal conditions for students to learn, grow, and develop in the best possible manner. 

Offering classes from pre-nursery to grade 12 and providing its students access to the very well-regarded Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula, the school boasts a stellar academic track record. No wonder, most parents living in Noida consider themselves fortunate if their children obtain admission to the school. A great place for nursery admission 2023 Noida, the school charges reasonable fees too, considering the pedigree of the school. CBSE fees class 11 is Rs. 1,84,972 (total annual recurring fee).

2. Delhi Public School Noida

Delhi Public School Noida has earned a formidable reputation as a provider of world-class holistic education since its founding in the early 1980s. Part of the iconic Delhi Public School Society New Delhi, the school is one of the best places in the city for Nursery admission 2023 Noida. The nursery to grade 12 education provided by the school is known to help every student of theirs learn, grow, and develop to the very best of their abilities and potential. 

The school has a sprawling campus that offers every conceivable facility and amenity you would expect in a world-class school. Its teachers are easily amongst the best anywhere in terms of their qualifications, experience, and skills. It is hardly surprising that the school’s alumni are some of the most distinguished anywhere. For those who are interested in seeking to complete their high school at this institution, the CBSE fee for class 11 is Rs 9,940 (monthly tuition fee).

3. Indus Valley Public School Noida

Indus Valley Public School Noida is located in Sector 62 Noida, which is a major IT hub, and is home to a large number of professionals who are employed in that sector. Many of these people find it quite convenient to send their children to a world class school like this one, which is so close to their residences and place of work. The school, of course, caters to the educational requirements of children living in other parts of the National Capital Reason.

Boasting a well appointed modern campus that offers a host of world class amenities and facilities, Indus Valley Public School has a very fine teaching staff who ensure that every child grows to the best of his or her potential. It is not surprising that the school is one of the most awarded ones in the region. Its students have a very impressive track record, with regard to cracking some of the toughest entrance examinations like NEET and IIT..

4. Lotus Valley International School Noida

Lotus Valley International School Noida is one of the top CBSE schools in the region providing world class education to students from pre nursery to grade 12. It boasts a breathtakingly beautiful campus offering a host of world class amenities and facilities that make going to school a very pleasurable experience indeed. The school ensures that every child receives the most thoroughly comprehensive education that provides due importance to both academics and extracurricular activities.

The school has a great track record with regard to its students going on to do very well in whatever they take up on life after completing their schooling. It is hardly surprising that the school is amongst the most in demand amongst Noida residents.


The best schools of Noida are as good as the best anywhere. What’s special about Noida is the fact that it has such a large number of these schools, making it a major regional schooling hub. That can only augur very well for the city and its residents.

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