The Pros and Cons of Cheap Vehicle Accessories

In 2023, new cars will include a variety of functional and aesthetically pleasing characteristics. There may, however, still be some aspects of the vehicle that you would like to customise. This is when automobile accessories enter the picture. For more information about buying cheap vehicle accessories, continue reading.

There are differences between factory-installed, dealer-installed, and aftermarket accessories, which come in various sizes and shapes. Knowing the difference is crucial because adding more car accessories under 1000 may affect warranties and insurance. 

What Do Automobile Accessories Entail?

“Car accessories” refers to add-ons to upgrade a new vehicle, boost its capabilities, or improve its aesthetic appeal. Cheap vehicle accessories come in various designs, sizes, and shapes. You have a limitless number of options for your vehicle, from valuable additions to decorative upgrades. Car accessories can improve driving in general.

You can receive the following, as examples:

The Included Accessory from The Factory

This is an add-on or accessory the automaker created for your vehicle. They are factory-installed and covered by your manufacturer’s guarantee. Among the factory-fitted cheap accessories for cars are:

  • Technology for safety
  • Navigational aids
  • Heated or leather seats
  • Sunroof
  • Parking support

The Add-On That the Dealer Installed

A variety of accessories are available from your dealer that they can quickly mount on a vehicle. While most are factory-original components, some are aftermarket add-ons. This attachment may not have a guarantee depending on where it comes from. The dealer-installed accessories may consist of:

  • Aluminium Wheels
  • Spoilers
  • Hefty Floor Coverings
  • Towbars
  • Scuff Shields

The Extra Component

You or the dealer will attach this third-party item to the vehicle. This component will undoubtedly be excluded from any manufacturer’s warranty coverage, while a supplementary warranty may cover it. The above-mentioned dealer-fitted options can be among these, along with the following:

  • A Window Tint
  • Settee Covers
  • Further Illumination
  • A Bull Bar
  • Performer Components

Self-Reflection Questions

It would be best to ask critical questions before deciding on upgrades or cheap vehicle accessories.

My Warranty Would This Accessory Impact It?

It’s important to remember that each dealer-installed or aftermarket equipment you install on your automobile could impact its warranty coverage. To be sure you don’t accidentally void your coverage by tinkering with the engine or other onboard technology, check with the manufacturer or dealer.

Will It Have an Impact on My Insurance Coverage or Costs?

The majority of people overlook this. You’ll have to pay more premiums if your additions raise the vehicle’s value.

Always let your insurance company know if you install any cheap vehicle accessories. If you don’t, the insurance provider won’t factor in the cost of these components when determining the car’s value, which means you won’t get your car’s total replacement value if it is stolen or written off.

Can I Pay for It?

Accessories can be expensive, and factory-installed extras are costly. Before visiting the dealer, choose a budget (either a monthly or annual spending cap). Keep to your plan, whatever you decide. Decide which extras you need and which ones you can live without by remembering you can only spend a specific amount on them.

What Am I Lacking?

Consider your motivations for buying a new car and any necessities you may have for convenience. A GPS might be helpful if you use your automobile for work. Rubber mats and seat coverings are an excellent choice for simple cleanup disasters if you’re expecting a baby.

If you want them and can afford them, invest in accoutrements like a spoiler, leather seats, and alloy wheels since they’re good to have.

Know Your Prices

While there is no substitute for factory-installed extras and accessories, such as airbags and much of the onboard technology, you can look for alternatives to dealer-installed extras. Buying from independent retailers and vendors can frequently result in savings on alloy wheels, tow bars, and spoilers. 

Knowing the market prices for particular cheap vehicle accessories will help you assess whether going with a dealer is worthwhile.

On the other hand, remember what the experts discussed before about aftermarket components and your guarantee. Stick with the dealer-fitted option if utilising a part from a different manufacturer will void your warranty.

Make The Discussion of Your Accessories A Part of The Negotiation.

You would be wise to keep in mind the adage “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” when shopping for a new vehicle.

Dealers don’t usually throw in free extras out of the blue. However, many consumers are unaware that a dealer is frequently willing to make little to no money on accessories if they can sell that automobile. Therefore, ask if they might include something for free; you never know what you might obtain.


If you’re considering purchasing a new vehicle, you’re in luck because Carorbis is the authority on cheap vehicle accessories. Call us or complete our online form to learn more about our product line.

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