The Roadmap to CFA Scholarship Essay Excellence – A Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to apply for a CFA scholarship but need help with how to write a winning scholarship essay? If yes, then keep reading this piece of writing till the end. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst, a designation for those students who have completed the CFA program.

Many students are needy and need help to afford the CFA registration fees for CFA program exams, as the cost for early registration is USD 900, while the standard registration fee is USD 1,200. This student can get fruitful benefits from a CFA scholarship.

According to the University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School:

  • CFA Institute offers scholarships to 10 CFA program students per year.
  • Students can apply for scholarships from the 1st of July to the 30th of June.
  • They are offering scholarships to students of all levels.
  • To apply for undergraduate, students must be in their degree’s final year.
  • Postgraduate students will be selected based on MBA and MSC programs.

CFA Scholarship Essay

But it requires an excellent scholarship essay that makes an impact. When you have decided to apply for a scholarship, the first and most important thing is to write an impressive CFA scholarship essay.

Your winning essay will help you stand out from the crowd. Students got confused in crafting a well-written, unique scholarship essay. To cope with this problem, you can go for essay writing help to get the best CFA Scholarship Essay Help to formulate a magnetic scholarship essay.

We have also come across some effective, comprehensive guides on how you can articulate your CFA scholarship essay to make a lasting impression.

How to Write a CFA Scholarship Essay: A Comprehensive Guide

Writing a compelling essay is not an easy task at all. You have to follow all the guidelines for managing the structures and format of your essay. But it will be easy for you when you follow our detailed guide below:

1. Create a Personal Statement

Your personal statement is a chance to be highlighted in the crowd with your unique talent and experience you have. Writing a personal statement for your CFA scholarship essay is mandatory. You can build your statement with the help of a combination function of different facts, including:

  • Your financial condition
  • Achievements in educational career
  • Professional Accomplishments
  • Troubles you are facing in an educational pathway
  • Your personal characteristics that make you distinct
  • Why do you want to pursue a CFA charter?

Mentioned these key elements if you have any or more than one in you. It will make your personal statement strong and grab your reader’s attention.

2. Read past Scholarship Winning Essay

Reading the past winning essay is one of the best ideas to get inspiration, motivation and ideas to make your essay more engaging. It gives you a concept of what judges deem worthy. Several websites post previous accepted and rejected scholarship essays.

You have to go through both types of essays. Look at the winning scholarship essay and notice what things make this essay prominent from the rest of the candidates.

3. Start With an Engaging Introduction

Your introduction is the first section at the top, through which you can grab the attention of your committee or not. Making a solid and effective introduction is very important to engage your committee to keep reading until the last line. To do this, you can

  • Add a relevant quote.
  • State your personal Statement.
  • Hock your reader by telling a brief story.
  • Write statistical information
  • Your passion for finance
  • Tell about your previous experience

So, it means your introduction is a summarised overview of your work experience, financial problems, and educational and professional accomplishments.

You have to write about your diversity, which means if you are facing gender inequality or any disability, ethnicity or any social hazards that create tribes in your educational pathway. So tell your personal story to emotionally attach your judges and spotlight how you overcame your difference.

CFA Scholarship Essay

4. Write the Body Paragraphs

In the main body text, prove yourself as a good option to give a scholarship. In this section, tell about the skills you have in you like:

  • Risk management
  • Customising portfolio
  • In-depth research and analysis
  • Financially market understanding

Mention the real skills that you have in yourself and the work experience you have done in your past. It will make your essay more trustworthy and compelling in front of your scholarship committee.

5. Outline Your Career Plan

Outlining your career path is an essential tip to give more worth to yourself. In this section, write about your goal and tell where you are now and where you want to go. In this way, discuss your short and detailed plan for the future in your career.

Mention your experience, relevant internship, job responsibilities and expertise in finance. Outline your future planning process by keeping the flowchart in mind that is represented by Ahmet Demir from Tishk International University in his article published in 2017. 

CFA Scholarship Essay

Be specific to your finance subject; all your career goals go towards your passion for finance. So, explain your career plan and point out a CFA destination. It will help your scholarship committee to understand how important it is for you to get financial support.

6. Write a Conclusion with a Strong Call to Action

Your conclusion matters a lot, like your introduction. In this paragraph, give a bird’s eye view of all the essential elements that you have discussed in your essay. Summarise all the key points and end your essay with a strong concluding statement and call-to-action phrases.

Your conclusion contains a “Gratitude Statement” and “Hearty Thank You” to the scholarship committee. The main of your conclusion will be to force your judges to consider your application for financial support to make a bright future in your finance career.

7. Proofread & Edit Your Essay

This is the last practical guide in CFA scholarship essay writing. This is all about reading your work again and again and evaluating mistakes in your piece of content. When you have noticed points and made some necessary amendments in your essay, it makes a well-polished scholarship essay.

When you have decided to write a scholarly essay application and put your time and time into it, why do you take the proofreading step for granted? Do not underestimate the importance of proofreading and editing to make your essay free from any blunders and mistakes. Check your essay against grammar and spelling mistakes, and also focus on the formatting of your essay.


CFA scholarship is the best opportunity to tackle their educational expenses for study. There are unlimited students who are striving to win scholarships. So the competition is very high, and it is highly important to stand out from the rest of the candidates to be shortlisted in the top 10 winning students.

A perfect way to get this fruitful opportunity is to write a perfect scholarship essay to win your committee’s heart. Therefore, we have discussed a comprehensive guide on how you can articulate your CFA scholarship essay effectively.

If you are still getting yourself confused and want more perfection in your essay to be spotlighted, then get CFA Scholarship help from The Academic Papers UK for sure success.

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