Things to Know about the 2023 Hyundai Nexo

One of the most interesting electric cars that has come to the market is the 2023 Hyundai Nexo. This electric powertrain is powered by hydrogen fuel cells which would be a massive thing in the near future. This hydrogen-powered SUV takes just a few minutes to recharge completely and offers a colossal driving range. If you are looking to book this vehicle, then you must reach Pitman Hyundai dealer.

Things to know about this vehicle

The most interesting and important things about this vehicle are its powertrain, overall interior, and pricing details. Hence, these are the things that will come to know by going through the information given below.

  • Powertrain

The hydrogen fuel cell comes in a 95 kW stack and a battery pack of 40 kWh. This is what power this vehicle’s electric motor that provides 161 horses along with 291 lb-ft of torque. The only drivetrain available is FWD while there is no news about AWD being available in coming times.

This vehicle takes 8.4 seconds to reach 0-60 mph and its acceleration number shows that it is at par with its gas-powered counterparts in the compact crossover segment. The electric steering is adequately tuned and gives a sturdy feel to drivers handling this car. Also, it comes with a great braking system that needs just 169 feet to stop when at 70 mph.

The estimated range of this vehicle is 380 miles and always offers close to its estimated number. However, this driving range drops to 354 miles when its heavier trims with 19-inch wheels and loaded equipment. The normal trim will offer a mileage of 65 MPGe in cities and 58MPGeon highways; combined it gives 61 MPGe. The Limited Edition of this vehicle provides 59 MPGe in cities and 54 MPGe on highways; combined it offers 57 MPGe.

However, to know the exact details of mileage and other small things related to this powertrain, then you ought to visit Pitman Hyundai dealership.

  • Interior details

Five people can easily sit inside the Nexo 2023 variant like other crossovers in this category. Whether sitting in the front or back seats, every adult can seat comfortably with enough head space and leg room. The cargo space available for people to store carry-ons is 30 cubic feet; however, folding its rear set will increase that to 57 cubic feet.

Other aspects that make it look updated are its digital gauge cluster and infotainment system. Also, transmissions can be operated using a push-button system that is quite efficient for modern drivers. Vinyl upholstery and power adjustments for front seats are other features to keep an eye on.

  • Blue and Limited’s price

The 2023 Hyundai Nexo has just two variants Blue and Nexo; these are priced at $61,470 and $64,920 respectively. The price difference is mainly due to features available inside the cabin. However, the best way to know why there is a price difference between the two is to consult a dealer. After consultation, you can choose to get whichever trim is ideal for you.

So, hurry and bring the Nexo home today!

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