Try Out These 5 Cats For Your Battle Cats Unit

When you set out on your journey to strengthen the roosters in your Battle Cats army, it is important to remember to give careful consideration to the various capabilities and strengths that each cat unit possesses. While some may be particularly effective attackers, others may be particularly useful as dependable defenders and meat shields. You can prevail over difficult stages and emerge victorious against any foe if you have the right combination of cats available to you. So, choose your allies carefully and get ready for an epic journey in The Battle Cats, a game in which the whimsical world of adorable yet fierce feline warriors is waiting for you to give them orders.

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Mohawk Cat

In its True Form, Mohawk Cat goes through a remarkable transformation that increases both its health and its attack power by a factor of two. Because of this boost, it is now able to complete most beginner stages and chapters on its own, which is quite an accomplishment. It is essential to keep in mind that if the Mohawk Cat does not have extensive “+” levels, it will not offer more utility than other meat shields that have prices that are comparable. Therefore, even though the True Form offers an advantage in certain circumstances, it probably won’t be enough to turn the tide in later stages of the game.

Mohawk Cat

Kasa Jizo

During the Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls gacha event, players will have the opportunity to acquire the special Uber Rare Cat known as Kasa Jizo by opening a Rare Cat Capsule. As is the case with the other Ultra Souls cats, the Normal Form of the Kasa Jizo (which is spammable) has different statistics than those of its Evolved Form (which is high performance). These singular forms each possess a unique set of benefits, making them useful in a wide variety of contexts according to the requirements of the situation.

Crazed Tank Cat

Unlocking this Super Rare Cat requires you to complete the special event stage known as “The Crazed Tank,” which becomes available on the sixth of every month. In a manner analogous to that of the Tank Cat, the Crazed Tank Cat acts as a dependable meatshield to prevent the enemy from advancing toward your cat base. The Crazed Tank Cat, on the other hand, has an increased movement speed, which makes it a remarkable all-around pet because of its adaptability.

Because of its increased speed, it is now in a position to be even more effective in preventing the advancement of the enemy frontline. As a consequence of this, the Crazed Tank Cat emerges as an essential and top-tier option for nearly every level in the game that calls for an excessive amount of meatshields to be used in order to protect your forces.

Crazed Tank Cat

Jamiera Cat

Instead of being a powerful attacker, Jamiera Cat excels as a dependable defense and meatshield. His damage output may not be as impressive as that of other dependable attackers, but his unique ability to knock back foes makes him an excellent frontline defender capable of holding the line for an extended period of time.

As the game progresses beyond the early stages, other non-uber and gacha units such as Dragon Cat, Manic King Dragon, Paris Cat, and Drama Cats outperform Jamiera Cat as an attacker. In addition, when it comes to being a generalist tanker, Jamiera Cat faces stiff competition from Zamboney Cat and Roe Cat, as well as other cats that can perform similar functions.

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Tecoluga is likely the best cat in Battle Cats. Obtainable through the Rare Cat Capsule during the Tales of the Nekoluga and Metal Busters events, it is a rare and coveted Uber Rare Cat. Initially, this form may not appear to be very useful, as it is intended to be unimpressive. However, this Cat’s true potential becomes apparent as it evolves into Tesalan Pasalan and Lufalan Pasalan.

Some talents, such as Defense Buff, Weaken Immune, and Surge Resist, may appear less effective due to Lufalan’s lower survivability and the limited circumstances in which the latter two are useful. However, if you have enhanced Tecoluga with Catseyes, the Attack Buff talent becomes extraordinarily valuable.

It increases the already high damage of the unit by up to 20%, resulting in a staggering 240,000 per hit at level 50! In addition, the Crit Chance Up talent increases Lufalan’s overall DPS, albeit to a lesser extent, and makes him more reliable, particularly against enemies made of metal. Therefore, while Tecoluga’s initial form may not be impressive, its evolved forms can become formidable assets under certain conditions.


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