What Are The Reasons For Study Visa Failure

Every year hundreds of students migrate abroad for higher study. So, they can get a high-level education, establish a career, and enjoy a healthy and high lifestyle over there. However, it is a very lengthy process to get a study visa. Because students have to clear the language proficiency test first. Then they start their study visa processing which is also a long process.  Moreover, it is also a very risky process because many students get refused after waiting for such a long time.

What is a Visa Refusal? A visa refusal is the denial of an application for entry into another country by the Embassy Consulate or High Commission. The Embassy consulate or High Commission will provide you with the visa refusal reasons. This may help you to correct the error in your next visa application. A single mistake can be the reason for visa refusal. So if you planning to go abroad. Then you should get guidance from trustworthy study visa consultants.  However, there are several reasons for visa refusal. In this article, we articulate these reasons. 

The prominent reasons for visa rejection and refusal are discussed below:

Incomplete Application and Data Mismatch

You should fill each and every part of your visa application form correctly. Make sure that you do not leave any part blank. All the sections have instructions on what to do if it doesn’t apply to your application. If you don’t fill in all the information correctly, then it will be a reason for your visa refusal. So, make sure to fill in all the details carefully to avoid spelling mistakes and data mismatches. Data mismatches will lead to your application being rejected.

Violating Visa Rules and Documentation Process

Every immigration department has stringent guidelines and rules for visa approval and documentation process. If there is any discrepancy in any document or if you do not follow the guidelines and rules, then you will be denied the visa. Therefore, always check the Embassy website and the provisions for visiting a particular country before applying for any visa. The authority checks all your documents thoroughly to validate them. If there are any fraudulent documents, then your visa will be denied immediately. The Embassy authority cannot check documents in regional languages. Therefore, submitting documents in regional languages is not possible.

Status of Your Passport

If your passport expires, expiring soon, or your passport does not have a visa page; in these cases, you may get a refusal. Some countries require a passport to be more than 6 months from its expiry date. If your passport expires in less than 6 months, then the embassy will not issue a visa. 

Shortage of Funds

Another reason that can be the reason for visa refusal is lack of funds. As for studying abroad, you have to submit your bank statement to the embassy. In order to show them that you can manage your study and living expenses. The embassy sets some specific amounts as tuition fees and living expenses for a particular country. Moreover, you must have that amount of money in your bank account. Therefore, if you do have not enough money in your bank account, it can be the reason for visa rejection.

Criminal Records

One of the most significant reasons for visa refusal is the existence of a criminal record or your entry poses a threat to the country you are seeking to enter. No country allows people with a criminal set of mind in their country. If your criminal record is clean, then it will not affect your visa application. 

Health Status

Another thing that impacts your visa file is your own health. Every country cheerfully welcomes healthy people in their country. Because no country allows people to visit in their country who is not fit. that‘s why you have to pass the medical test and submit the report with a visa application. If your report shows any kind of disease or infection then it might increase the chances of visa rejection.

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To sum it up there are numerous reasons that impact your visa application. Some of them are mentioned above. 

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