What is Green-Tipped Ammo?

The term “green-tipped” ammunition usually refers to a specific type of 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition with a prominent green tip. In the United States, this ammunition is officially known as the M855 cartridge and is extensively employed in military and law enforcement applications. The green tip is frequently used to quickly identify this type of ammunition.

Composition of Green-Tipped Ammo

M855 or green-tipped ammunition packaging is distinguished by its distinct composition, which includes:

  1. Lead Core: The core of the bullet is typically made of lead, which is a dense and malleable material.
  2. Steel Penetrator: One of the distinguishing features of M855 ammunition is the inclusion of a small steel penetrator in the tip of the bullet. This steel component enhances the bullet’s ability to penetrate barriers such as light armor and barriers.
  3. Copper Jacket: The bullet is typically jacketed in copper, which helps reduce friction as it travels down the barrel of the firearm and provides structural integrity.
  4. Green Tip: As the name suggests, the bullet is marked with a green-colored tip. This green tip helps differentiate it from other types of ammunition.

Intended Use

Green-tipped ammunition, such as the M855 cartridge, is primarily intended for use in 5.56x45mm NATO rifles. Its planned applications include:

  1. Military Applications: The M855 ammunition is commonly used by military forces. Its design allows for better penetration through various barriers, making it effective against lightly armored targets.
  2. Law Enforcement: Some law enforcement agencies also use this ammunition, particularly in situations where they may encounter barricaded suspects or vehicles.

Restrictions and Regulations

It should be noted that the usage of green-tipped custom ammo box may be subject to regulations and restrictions in some areas. Certain states in the United States, for example, may place limits on the civilian use of armor-piercing ammunition, including green-tipped ammunition. As a result, civilians may have limited access to this type of ammunition, and it may be difficult to get.


Finally, “green-tipped” ammunition, such as the M855 cartridge, is a type of NATO 5.56x45mm ammunition that is predominantly employed by military and police enforcement services. Its striking green tip and steel penetrator improve its ability to penetrate specific barriers. However, because of its armor-piercing qualities and probable regulatory limits, civilian access to this ammunition may be prohibited in some areas.

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